Your Guide To Renewal Of Permit And Work Contract In the UAE

Renewal of work permits is a service provided by the ministry of human resources and Emiritisation to establishments, enabling them to renew a work permit for the period of two years. To use this electronic renewal procedure, the current work permit of the foreign worker is must be expired, but not expired for longer than 60 days.

For employers to carry out the Renewal Of Permit process, the following procedures are needed:

  • Filling out E-forms

After logging in to the smart Tasheel System, and providing authentic credentials, employers need to carry out the following:

  1. Choose service ‘Renew Work Permit and Contract/Mission Work Permit’.
  2. Pick the service type.
  3. Enter Company Number, Work Permit Number and Unified Number.
  4. Enter Visa Reference Number.
  5. Add/Verify Passport Details
  6. Add/Verify Company Details by using OTP
  7. Add/Verify Representative Information by using OTP
  8. Insert Contract Details
  9. Insert Attachments
  10. Pay due fees
  11. Print the Receipt
  • Visiting A Service Center

In any Tasheel service center, the e-form can be printed. It can also be printed at any of the establishments subscribed in the electronic forms program. The application is then electronically sent to the Ministry’s archive for auditing. The ministry will make sure that the needed documents and required terms are met.

If everything checks out, the contract will be electronically renewed. In case the employer has more requests or wants to print the permit, he is advised to refer to the Ministry’s website.

  • The List of Required Documents As Featured on The Ministry’s Website

Original E-Signature Card Original
A copy of signature specimen card/ Establishment Number The establishment code in the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
A copy of the worker’s passport and a copy of the residence Document shall be valid
A color photograph with white background and focus on face
The last page of the contract  signed by the first party and the second party and stamped with the establishment’s seal
  • Terms & Conditions
    •  The license shall be valid.
    • The establishment status shall be private
    • Original E-Signature Card

Here are the payment details as posted on

Fees Description Fees Amount Fees Type NOTES
E-dirham 3 AED Federal Fees Fees are applied to all service channels each time an E-dirham card is used to pay.
Fees for service delivery via the electronic and smart systems channels, the service booth, and the service car “Tawseel”. 50 AED Fees for the service channel These fees are applied only when submitting the service application through the electronic and smart systems channels, the service booth, and the service car.
Fees for service delivery via the service centers “Tasheel” 100 AED Fees for the service channel These fees are applied only if service is provided through authorized service centers “Tasheel”.
Fees of work card according to the establishment classification and the skill level of the worker.    

Important Questions:

What fees are incurred by the renewal of an electronic work permit?

It varies depending on the establishment’s classification and the skill level of the worker.

Does the worker sign a new contract when renewing his work permit?


Is there a deadline to renewing the electronic work contract?

Yes, electronic work contracts can be renewed before expiration by 56 days.

Are there any fines for not canceling or renewing an electronic work permit?

AED 200 for each month of delay and a maximum of AED 2,000 after expiration date.

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