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Winning Star Trading FZC

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Winning Star Trading FZC
Established in the year 2015, with a vision to become premier suppliers of quality products that meet customer expectations at a competitive price. The company offers their Products and services to cater a global demand for its product range with remarkable efficiency. The company is backed by a robust infrastructural setup that ensures the smooth execution and completion of the business processes which comprises of warehousing where we can store and deliver our products.
The products, offered by the company, are origin from different Rice industries of India which are widely demanded in local UAE Market as well as different countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Africa.
Winning star Garments business is affordable fashion clothing for the modern quality - conscious family. Our Garment products includes Kids Wear, Sportswear, Infant Wear, Ladies Wear,and Mens Wear.
Improve to the customer’s and staff’s satisfaction with our innovative position in the rice and garments supplier’s Industry. Our focus on quality and we seek to revolutionize the garment and rice industry and offer the world affordable, eco-friendly and fashionable clothing that is unique in all aspects. 
Our mission has always been to transcend fashion, to build confidence and provide a vehicle for expression with reliable food stuff in rice category. I’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by a great group of people, who have worked tirelessly to grow our business model, delight our tween customer, and achieve great success. We always listen closely, keep it real, and offer our product at a great price. 
The goal for our brands is to build a strong emotional bond with the customer. To do this we must build lifestyle environments that appeal emotionally, and offer fashion correct products on a timely basis with trusted rice commodities. Our customers are the reason and inspiration for everything we do.
We offer to our customers with high quality garments and best service. This policy is the basic principle of company. We seek to revolutionize the garment and food industry with offering the world affordable, healthy and fashionable clothing that is unique in all aspects. Our focus on quality and our determination to ensure that we are known as an organization stitched together with the fine threads of reliability show the promise of sustainable business growth.
To make this company into a finest institution in its chosen sectors of trades and services. Our people take ownership of our customers, partners and brands that we associate with - Entrepreneur Spirit, Customer Centric, and Integrity. We work hard through sustained efforts with an aim to achieve the highest levels of leadership, integrity and excellence.
The company’s principal business consists of general trading in commodities such as Agro Commodities, foodstuff, textile and garments.


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